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How much do we charge for our services?

If someone can quickly answer the question about the cost of outsourcing for accounting or legal services for your company, without specified details, most likely the conversation is either with an uninformed sales manager or with a layperson. The third option is also possible - an extremely overpriced price, which will take into account all the possible misstakes such as “quick” offer, but it is too rarely to use such a method - it’s too easy to scare off a potential client.

One can hardly find an answer to that question. It is advisable to apply to our manager to clear up all the details about the prices and you will be suggested favorable prices and terms.

The price list is not posted on our site because it is a subject to personnel and individual agreement.

Our customers receive a fixed cost of service per month, quarter or even a year, which includes all the necessary actions and formalities. The price doesn’t depend on the temporary fluctuations in the volume of work. The both sides can plan the budget and financial flows and not worry about unforeseen variable costs.

So, let's answer the question – how much do we charge for our service? It's easy - first describe your company as detailed as possible:

  • types of activities and which of them is the main;
  • the number of staff, their positions;
  • approximate volume of sales (we do not need amounts, but only the average number of documents and items per month or another period);
  • a similar issue with the volume of purchases, including work and services;
  • cash desk availability;
  • other significant points in your opinion.

The specialist of the company “A” will inform you about the price of the monthly support, and also advise you what is included in this amount.

Just The beginners can be offered special conditions1.

What's in the box?

  1. EDS
  2. 1C
  3. Stamp
  4. Personal manager
  5. E-mail
  6. Cloud storage
  7. Other opportunities to improve the interaction between our companies, as well as ways to save on third-party products.

1 Preparation of documents for registration including possibility of electronic apply for registration are offered free of charge. To use that offer we need to conlude outsourcing contract for at least 3 months (if you are not satisfied with our service you can feel free to make another choice).